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Intercept Youth Services in Richmond, VA
helping youth succeed
 Intercept’s Community Homes are therapeutic group homes for adolescents, ages 12-19, in need of a structured therapeutic environment due to behavioral, emotional or developmental needs. Intercept provides separate homes for males and females, through the Commonwealth of Virginia

To reduce maladaptive behaviors
To develop pro-social behaviors
To transition youth to permanent settings


Clinical Interventions: Our clinical staff build an emotional and behavioral foundation by use of the following best practice programming:

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Substance abuse education
Sex Offender Relapse prevention
Individual, Group and Family Therapies

Therapeutic Milieu: Our counselors provide a home like setting to support and develop adaptive and functional behaviors by;

Supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Case Coordination
Behavioral Modification
Psycho-Educational Groups
Positive Youth Development
Peer Support

Life Skills Training: Specially trained Life Skills Counselors work with youth to individual and develop life skills plans through the use of

Strength and needs assessments,
Learning plans, and
Casey Life Skills Assessments

Recreational Activities & Community Service: Recreational counselors meet with youth to plan and develop activities which encourage positive youth development and pro-social behaviors

Benefits of Intercept’s Programming

Employment skills and career planning
Academic Support
Culture of giving back to the community
Family Reunification
Best Practice Approach to therapy

Statewide Referrals:

Community Home Locations

Chesterfield County
Henrico County
Newport News

"Thank you Intercept Workers, without you being there to provide a quality service, I could not have assisted my youth. "
— Southwest Virginia Social Worker